13-year-old Jacob Mandel has it all: a loving family, nice home but nothing prepared him for what happened when the Nazi’s take his entire family away to a concentration camp. Miraculously he escapes and survives by clinging to the one thing that gives him hope, his faith.  But when he falls into the hands of the Hitler Youth he discovers they have a secret….

When the Edelweiss Pirates come across a death train packed with Jewish prisoners bound for a concentration camp they do the unthinkable… but at what cost?

Book 1. Operation Einstein

Book 2. The Edelweiss Express

A 15 year old German cries and wets in fear.

Below, Hitler Youth members delighted to meet Hitler.

Hitler Youth, the Sworn enemy of the Edelweiss Pirates.

A group of fun loving rebellious German teens calling themselves the Edelweiss Pirates, witness something so deplorably sickening they decide to take action when a six-year old Jewish girl is left orphaned. Torn between patriotism for the country they love and their own rights and freedoms they have to try and do the unthinkable, but with the Gestapo and Hitler Youth hot on their trail, is it too late?

Edelweiss Pirates