Archie Wilson

OUT NOW! Book 1 in the Archie Wilson Series. Archie Wilson & The Nuckelavee

Tragedy strikes forcing 10 year-old Archie Wilson to live with a father he doesn’t know in Foyers, Scotland.

When the most treacherous creature of all time; known as the Nuckelavee tries to resurrect itself. Archie is drawn into a mythical word and is the only line of defense against the Nuckelavee. The fate of the world may rest in his hands.

“At last a novel about Loch Ness you can actually believe. Archie Wilson is a fast-paced novel that young readers will adore. The story is an excellent read, with plot and characterization exceeding all expectations. A structure of great old-fashion story telling, built on a foundation of historic facts.

Cooper gives a new twist to an old, enduring myth. An exhilarating, mind-expanding voyage under calm waters that opens the mysterious secrets of Loch Ness”. FICTIONREVIEWER.COM